Hay dos días en los que nunca pienso: ayer y mañana.

martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

I just wanna live,
jumping on the air,
screaming that you’re my lover.

I'm fearless,
I feel that everything is nice.
You can make me smile,
with your voice,with all you.

Nevermore I will be hurt,
if you are with me.

All is fantastic,
all is great dream.

Should've begun before,
when we could not see in the dark,
when there weren't lights.

Now you look me in the eyes, a
nd say for ever.
I just say yes, baby, yes.

I'm dancing with the wind,
I'm hearing that we're in love,
in special and difficult love.

We can be so strong,
because we're in love,
in our love.

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