Hay dos días en los que nunca pienso: ayer y mañana.

domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Today will be better
I'm here only for you
'Cause it's your birthday
and all we will be able do.

Some words,
some lights
you only could tell me this.
Baby, if you're wrong
think in how now is the world.
There's a moonlight shine in your eyes
but the sky turns dull
nobody laugh in this cold night.

I made some mistake
but you always have been here
taking my hand
for make my soul shine,
for put a smile on my face,
for leave my tears away.

Maybe I was just afraid,
'cause I shouldn't said that..
you know what I fell in my heart.
But you were still holding me,
and I didn't do nothing for you.

If someday, the sun cannot shine
nobody will not be happy
'Cause you'll be with us
telling how can we live our lifes.

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  1. Creo que ayer te quedo lo suficientemente claro lo que opino de esto, lo mucho que me encantó y que me hiciste llorar. Creo que ha sido el mejor regalo de cumpleaños que has podido hacerme y nunca me cansare de darte las gracias por ello. Te quiero mucho María de los angeles ya lo sabes. Eres genial corazón <3