Hay dos días en los que nunca pienso: ayer y mañana.

domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

I remember when you came,
March had already started.
The sun was shining bright
but you were brighter than the star.
I felt so good
'cause what you wanted
was what I wanted too.

Since the spring has gone
we've not talked that much
I hate acting like this
Why can't I say "hi"?
He has to stop being charming
I say to my friend:
Cuz I don’t want to fall in love again.

Summer is here
and you're there
singing, playing with your friends.
You know, I'm too shy
then I left with no goodbyes.
You try to say “hi”
but words are locked in me
so no replies for you,
no smiles for me.

June is about to end,
and we are talking again.
I never though I’d find someone
to talk to like we do” you said.
He’s charming, I think
and I know what I said
but hearts choose this time
so it’s not time to regret.

His voice brings me memories
good ones for sure
you and me together
tell me what I felt
is what you felt too.

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